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Here at DPS we value the relationship we build with our customers. We recognise how important it is to you that reordering your consumables is as quick and easy as possibile.


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Labels   Quantity
Matrix F2 500 Sheets, 2 labels per sheet 230-05-027
Matrix F2 L & F4 L 1000 Labels 100-16-057
Matrix F4 & F6 1000 Labels SU-000-00-000014
S480 Product Code 300393
Standard Inks   Quantity
Eco Mail Ribbons 230-03-068 Blue (box of two)
Matrix F2 Blue Ink 1018967
Matrix F2 L Blue Ink 1018968
Matrix F4 L, F4 & F6 Blue Ink SU-004-04-000039
Speed & MailMax Ink Cassette (Blue) x 1 240-02-200
S480 Product Code 300620
MailMark Inks   Quantity
Matrix F12 Blue Ink 1019135
Matrix F22 Blue Ink 1019136
Matrix F32 Blue Ink 1019137
Matrix F42 Blue Ink 1019156
Matrix F62 Blue Ink 1019138
Matrix F82 Blue Ink 1019139
Cleaning Kits   Quantity
Cleaning Kit CLEAN001
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